And in the beginning…

Well, here we go… a new venture.  One who’s goal is to educate and inform those of you curious about what’s going on out here in the rural Iowa farming scene.  Boring, you think?  Sometimes, yes.  But more often than not there’s some interesting stuff going on out here where much of your food is grown.

It it my hope to write about things that I see that concern me, or things that I am passionate about.  Things such as my family, my farm, my faith, my neighbors, and the consumers of my produce.

Let’s start with my family:

My husband, Justin, and I have three children.  I’d post a picture of the two of us, but have discovered that the only ones that exist are our wedding pictures!  Sad, I know.  Guess I better take care of that.

Russell is 4 years old, and if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll tell you he wants to be a farmer.

Lucy is a two year old tornado, who loves to ride in the tractor and is quick to point out cows when riding in the car.

Then there’s Hazel, she’s already spent more hours in the combine harvester than most people 90 times her age.  She’s almost 8 months old and just beginning to figure out how to crawl.

We live on a farm near a small town in Iowa.  The closest shopping mall is 30 miles away.  Our entire livelihood comes from the crops and livestock we care for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  In coming entries I will talk more about how we grow what we grow and why we love what we’re doing!


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  1. I’m an Iowa Farm wife, too!!! So glad I found you (through Emily, through Mike Rowe’s website!)

    Come visit me, too!

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