The Neighbors

One of the best things about living in rural Iowa is the people….hands down.  Our neighbors and community consists of the type of people who pull over when you’re stopped on the side of the road.  The sort of people who know just what to do when tragedy (of any sort) strikes.  People who go to church on Sunday overflowing with generosity and tolerance.

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We have 10 families who live within a mile of our home, and many more who live near our farms.  In fact, much of our land shares a border with the nearby town (population 500).  We grant permission to pretty much any responsible individual who asks to hunt or trap on our land.  FFA students have conducted experiments in our crop fields, and we have proudly supported these local young leaders in many ways.

The local school is the center of activity, and the youth’s accomplishments are celebrated by all.  There is a women’s club, a Lion’s club, athletic boosters, and a scholarship committee… just to name a few of the community organizations.  They are all very active and dedicated.

We have an excellent hospital in the next city about 10 miles away, with caring doctors, nurses, and surgeons who often know you on a first name basis.

So even though Iowa may seem small and desolate, the people here have huge hearts and truly care about each other.

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