Sugar and Spice??????

And everything nice, that’s what girls are supposed to be made of, right?  Not mine.  Nope.   They are evil.

I was in the kitchen today, and the girls were in the dining room, playing with their play kitchen.  Hazel was giggling away.  I thought to myself, “Hey maybe I’ll actually get something done while they’re getting along so nicely.”

I should really know better by now.

Hazel just kept laughing and laughing.  So I peeked around the corner and this is what I saw:

How could I punish them?  They were having so much fun.  And the damage was already done.  Cute little devils.  So I let them play, and I got some cooking done while they were at it.

I really thought that boys were supposed to be the destructive ones.  Not in my family.  Russell has always been a neat freak.  I never had crayon on the walls until Lucy came along.  No naked toddlers.  No purposely smeared food.  No knee deep toy messes.  Then Lucy came along to show me that I really wasn’t the perfect parent who raised perfectly clean toddlers.  And I’m pretty sure that Hazel is going to give me a refresher course, just in case I forget.

Oh well, I love them all…messy or clean.  I know these are moments that I will cherish for a lifetime, and I already savor them.


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  1. […] She is Lucy’s partner in crime. The messes and trouble they find together is 10 times worse than anything they would ever do singly.  And the giggles they share while committing such naughtiness may sound innocent, but are far from it.  The more messy the act, the more giggles are had.  Russell often gets frustrated trying to police them. Double trouble. […]

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