Big Yellow School Bus

Ready to go!

This week, my little Russell got swallowed up by the big yellow school bus for the first time.  He was such a trooper about it!

He went to Head Start last year, but was too young to ride the bus.  So this year was the first time he could ride.

I had been prepping him for the big day, and he was excited.  If he was ever nervous he never let me know.  I can’t say the same for myself.  My stomach was in knots thinking about him getting on that bus and being gone from me from 7 in the morning until 3:45 in the afternoon!

My rational head told me he would be in good hands.  I love his teachers!!  He went to Head Start again this year,  so he would be familiar with the teachers and the classroom.  They did so much last year to help Russell.  When he began the program last year you couldn’t understand 50% of what he said when he talked.  By the end of the year, he was talking clear as could be, knew how to count to 100, the alphabet and all the letter sounds, and had excellent manners!

But my heart, on the other hand, isn’t so rational.  No one can take care of my Russell better than me!  I’ll miss him!  What if someone picks on him?  What if he misses me?

What if he doesn’t really need me anymore????

Isn’t that the essence of motherhood?  Slowly letting them go, and giving them the skills to do so?

So the bus pulled up to the end of our driveway, the driver opened up the door, called him by name, and told him good morning…. my little man hopped right on, said good morning to the driver and sat right down.  The doors whoosed shut and off he went down the road.  I regained my composure and went about my day.

He came home as happy as he left.  Rambling on about his day, the new and old friends he played with, the new classroom and playground… what his teachers had to say.  Ahhhh….my little bitty Russell is growing up too fast, so bittersweet.


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  1. Posted by Dawn on August 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Love reading your posts keep up the good work….

  2. My boys are getting older (7, 11, 14) and the “giving them the skills” part is really starting to resonate with me. This weekend my husband and I almost got teary thinking that we’ll only have my oldest for 5 more years. I am starting to work them a bit harder around the house and am trying to be deliberate with them in the kitchen. It’s all about letting go and watching them grow.

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