Family Bonding, Farm Style

Hazel and Dad having a little snuggle break in the tractor cab. She loves riding in the tractor!

Fall harvest season has officially begun on our farm.  It is the craziest time of year for us, but also the best.  I just love the fall weather, the changing of the leaves and crops, and the excitement of getting harvest done!  Fall harvest means the kids get to spend a lot of quality time with Mom, Dad, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Melissa, or Grandpa in a tractor, semi, or combine cab.  Many people can’t believe that we bring the kids along with us to the field.  I’m not sure why, as the kids love it!  Now me, on the other hand, I could do without all the packing and planning it takes to be in the field all day.  But then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way, what other job is there that allows you to have your kids along side you?

Eating on the run! BBQ beef sandwiches, apples, bars, and water.

The kids learn a lot of life lessons riding along in the field.  They learn patience.  You can’t just stop in the middle of what you’re doing to cater to every whim.  So they learn the valuable lesson of waiting, such as how to eat when the food is offered and pee when there is a break.  They also learn a lot about what adults do when they are at work, and how to handle a stressful situation.  Sometimes they learn how not to handle a stressful situation and what not to do at work….but either way they are witnessing real life, first hand, and at a young age.

Lucy riding in the tractor with me last fall.

They get to spend a lot of time entertaining themselves and talking with whoever they are riding with.  There aren’t a lot of distracting toys in a tractor cab, so they get to be creative.  We make up songs about what we’re doing, we talk about why we are doing what we are doing and what’s going to happen next.  We practice counting and ABC’s.  We play “find the corn cob” when there is a breakdown and we are trying to kill time.  The kids get to watch the combine’s grain tank fill up, or the semi dumping it’s load of corn.  They never tire of it, even when harvest has drug on for months, they still want to crawl up into that cab and ride.

I should mention at this point, safety is rule number one on the farm.  The kids are extremely aware of how dangerous the farm equipment is.  They go nowhere on foot around the farm without holding someone’s hand, and we are constantly alert as to who is where and what they are doing.  They seem to have a natural understanding of this, and we’ve never had any instances of them behaving dangerously on the farm.  This is not to say that we give them any credit for that, we are always on the look out and reminding them of the dangers of the farm.

I'm pretty sure Russell will be driving farm equipment well before he gets his license.

We are so blessed to be able to work together as a family on our farm.  Sure, there are drawbacks, there is a reason people say it’s hard to work with family.  We have to be constantly mindful of our actions and words and how they might be interpreted, because a misunderstanding at work equals a misunderstanding in the family and hurt feelings.  The lines of communication have to be kept open, but not too open, sometimes it really is better to” just let it go.”  Everyone has to be slow to accuse and quick to forgive.  The one thing that keeps us working together as a family is our mutual understanding that the farm is what provides us with our amazing way of life.


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  1. It is a true blessing to be able to grow up and live on a farm 🙂

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