If You Give A Two-Year-Old Some Scissors

The victim and the culprit after the crime.

She’s gonna cut off her sister’s ponytail.  The entire ponytail.

And then she’s going to bring it in to her mom, who was only in the next room, set it on the desk in front of her (with the elastic still on it), and say “Look mommmy! I cut Hazel’s hair!.”

Before...my beautiful baby's little sprout of a ponytail.

Her sister’s precious little sprout of a ponytail.

And her mother is going to approach meltdown stage.  Rapidly.

And then cry.

And then the two-year-old will cry.

And then the ponytailless sister will cry.

Then, Mom will regain herself, soothe her girls, hide the scissors, (which she thought had all been stashed away in high places) and post a facebook status about it (because she needed some sympathy.)

After. She couldn't have cared less.

The cherry on top?  Daycare pictures were the very next day!  But of course, right?  This story is too cliche.  I now have professional photos to memorialize the day my girls did what I’ve learned that so many little girls do.

I may be able to smile about it, but I’m still crying on the inside.

When Lucy was about the same age as Hazel, I cut her bangs.  That is the only time I’ve ever touched Lucy’s hair.  I regretted it, and since discovering those tiny little elastics for Lucy, I started using them on Hazel when her bangs grew long enough.  I wasn’t going to cut Hazel’s bangs, because I am just not a big fan of bangs.   So much for that plan.  😥

A little better view. You really can't tell unless you knew she used to have a ponytail.

Anyone have any stories to share that might make me feel better?



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  1. Liz,
    My lovely daughter, Maddy cut her OWN bangs, after ‘practicing’ first one a couple of barbies, and the cat, and the dog. And, like you, she did it just days before her daycare photo. But, hair grows, and so do they (all too fast). Flash foward to this year, when Maddy cut her hair again….(this time a professional did it); all 8 inches; she donated it all to Locks of Love so cancer patients can enjoy her beautiful mane. She was laughing about it, saying, “Mom, my hair grows fast, so it doesn’t matter.” Then, to prove how unafraid she was of change, she asked our stylist to dye her hair red. I think it’s great to embrace the changes in life….even if it is something as decorative as hair. Your daughter is beautiful….and you’ll always have that little ponytail to remember the day and smile.

  2. Oh my. That would be rough on me, too!!!

    When I was 3, my hair was significantly longer, and my cousin cut it all off to about my ears. It was the day before I was supposed to debut my role as an angel in the Christmas program at church.

    But hey, it grew back!

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