Oatmeal Pancakes

Here is what you need to make these healthy, yummy-licious pancakes.

I found this recipe in a Quaker Oats cookbook that my hubby had before I married him.  Believe it or not, he was much more of a cook that I was when we first met.  He knew how to grow a garden and can things.  He could make rhubarb crisp, pop popcorn in oil in a pan, and deviled eggs…among quite a few other things.  Though now that life has taken on a hectic pace in this family, I have all but taken over the kitchen duties.

The kids love these pancakes, and they are a good healthy start to a day!

Enough of that…back to the recipe.  This one is quick, simple, and healthy.  The ingredients are all good for you.  Well, that is, until you smother them with butter and syrup.  Another side note,  I love using my electric griddle for these.  Although the house’s wiring doesn’t feel the same.  Our old farm house was not wired for modern conveniences such as electric griddles and blow dryers.  In order to make pancakes without tripping a fuse, I have to unplug the radio and the fridge!!

My helper, in her princess nightie, she is obsessed with princesses right now.

Here we go, this will make a huge batch…enough to fill an ice cream pail, and lasts our family about a week:

5 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

2 Cups Dry, Uncooked Oatmeal (Quick or Old Fashioned)

8 tsp Baking Powder

2 tsp Cinnamon

5 Cups Milk

4 Lightly Beaten Eggs

6 TBS Applesauce

In large mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients and mix well.  In another large bowl, mix wet ingredients.  Heat griddle to about 400 degrees.  Dump wet ingredients into dry all at once, and mix just until clumps are broken up and dry ingredients are moistened.

Pour a scant 1/2 cup for each cake.  Turn when tops are bubbly and edges start to look cooked.  Serve with butter and syrup…or any favorite topping.

These freeze well, and reheat in the microwave well too.  I’ve never made them with mix-ins, but here are some suggestions from the cook book: blueberries, mashed banana, or nutmeg.

Mix up the wet ingredients (purple) and dump all at once into the dry (green).

Here it is all mixed up. Make sure not to mix too much, only mix enough to be uniform.

One half cup = One Pancake = One Serving.

Flipped! Trust me, one will be all you need. These are very hearty, heavy pancakes.

Russell loves these, and will hound me if I try to give him anything else for breakfast.

Lucy enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Happy Breakfast!!



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  1. These look so tasty…I’m going to have to write this one down. I love to freeze pancakes too, we just pop em in the toaster! 🙂

    • Thanks…. I’ve had some others suggest that I put the recipes into a format that is printer-friendly…I am working on this, and hope to have it functional for my next recipe…so that you don’t have to write them anymore 🙂

  2. I love oatmeal pancakes!

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