A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch and Family


Photo op, of course!


The past week has been utter craziness for my family.  Monday started at 3 AM and loading hogs, with the phone call about Bernadine in the middle.  This meant Ralph would not be able to help much with farm duties for the rest of the week (which is fine, family ALWAYS comes first!)  Tuesday brought another 3 AM wake up call to load hogs plus hectic cleaning up around the hoop barn for the open house that night.   Oh, did I mention that we had a group of cattle come in at 1 AM on Tuesday as well?  Wednesday was a kamikaze trip to Dubuque to find clothes for the funeral and wake.  The wake was Wednesday afternoon.  The funeral was Thursday.  Friday was the first semi-normal day of the week which consisted of recovery and harvest.  Saturday was mostly spent in combines as well.


I just love this pic of Russell.


By Sunday, everyone was ready for a break.  And the perfect opportunity presented itself.  After church we went out to eat with the family that was still around helping to take care of Harold and get him situated without Bernadine.  If there is something that is nice about losing a loved one, it is that it brings home family that you haven’t seen for a long time.  All together in one place, the best way for a family to be.


Adorable Abby playing in the leaves.


After eating lunch, the kids and I, along with Aunt Emily, Grandma Reva, Aunt Melissa, and cousin Abby headed over to the local pumpkin patch for some much needed free play outside.  It was a gorgeous fall day.  Sun shining, not windy, and about 65 degrees.


Lucy rang the bell on the train multiple times, and wasn't very good at sharing.


The pumpkin patch had all sorts of things to do: tire swings, hay bale slide, hay bale maze, a corn maze, hay rides, a big pile of leaves to play in (which, of course, was the biggest hit)  and a neat wooden train to play on.


Peeking in on Hazel


It was so nice to just be able to relax for a little bit with the kids and family, outside, on a nice sunny day.  Everyone was getting pretty stressed out over the past week, and it was starting to show.  The pumpkin patch was just the cure.  The girls fell asleep on the ride home, and took a nice long nap afterward while grandma Reva watched them and I went to help Justin and our part-time hired man, Dustin, work a group of cattle.


It was really great to see aunt Emily, who came all the way from Texas.


So, Sunday was a nice ending to a crazy, hectic week for us.  So far, this week looks like it will be a walk in the park for us.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we should get done harvesting soybeans and move on to corn, and the livestock shouldn’t need much more than regular care and feeding.


Russell loved the hay bale maze, and had to show each one of us how to do it.



Lovin' the leaves.



Talk about action shot... Lucy's expression says "haha!!" Hazel says "knock it off Lucy!" and I'm saying "oh no!"



Lucy and Russell playing in the leaves, which were the biggest attraction!



Isn't this swing cool, mom?



Burying Russell in the leaves.


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