Hazel Elaine


She’s my baby.  So she gets to go first.  This post is going to be all about my little HazeyLane.  Don’t worry, the other two will get their own as well.

Hazel was a bit of a surprise to us.  We didn’t really expect to get pregnant with her so quickly after Lucy.  They are only 19 months apart.  But, God had different plans and decided to bless us sooner than expected.  Hazel wasn’t any nicer to me during pregnancy than the other two were.  The first half consisted of daily barf fests… just like the other two.  But then she debuted in the end of July as a beautiful 7 lb 14 oz healthy little girl.

My beautiful baby girl

We deliberated about her name quite a bit.  Justin and I both loved the name Hazel, but we weren’t sure if Hazel would love her name as much.  We finally decided that if we loved her unique old name, then hopefully she would too.  It also sealed the deal for us to give her the name Hazel, as the only two Hazels we knew had passed away in recent years, and both were very kind and loving ladies.  Her middle name comes from my mom’s middle name, Elaine.

Little smiler, probably about 5 months in this pic.

Hazel was a good baby, and surprisingly, Russell and Lucy loved her from the get-go.  (For the most part, they still do.)  It seems like she grew from a tiny little baby into a toddler in the blink of an eye.  Time, never slows down.  Hazel got to ride in a combine at a much younger age than Russell and Lucy because she was a summer baby.  She did a really great through harvest.

She L-O-V-E-D this walker. She was a pro at manuvering it around.

Hazel is always in a hurry to grow up like her brother and sister.  She started rolling, crawling, and walking earlier than her siblings.  She was not a big fan of the pacifier or baby food.  She ditched the bottle before she was a year old.  She is very possessive of her toys and blankie, and will let anyone who tries to take them away know in no uncertain terms.

Daddy's girl.

Hazel is a big-time daddy’s girl.  She knows when the door of the mud room opens it means that Dad is home.  She will be the first one to greet him at the door and announce his arrival to everyone.  She gets mad when it’s time for him to go.  She’s got him wrapped around her finger awfully tight.

Who can forget this moment?

She is Lucy’s partner in crime. The messes and trouble they find together is 10 times worse than anything they would ever do singly.  And the giggles they share while committing such naughtiness may sound innocent, but are far from it.  The more messy the act, the more giggles are had.  Russell often gets frustrated trying to police them.

Double trouble.

Just the other night, the kids were inspecting their stash of candy and had it all spread out.  I came in to the room and informed them they needed to pick it up.  Instead of picking up, Hazel grabbed some candy in each hand and ran. That is her newest trick… the “come and get me trick.”

She loves playing with baby dolls.  It is the sweetest thing ever to watch her play with the babies so gently.  She’ll lay them down and cover them up.  She’ll feed them.  She tries to dress them.  It is absolutely the most adorable thing ever.

On the other hand, she can drive the toy tractors like a pro, and makes a darn good tractor noise while doing so.  She also loves our dog, Bear and our cat, Yoda.  Just lately she has begun to take notice of the cattle and my horse.  She can climb like a monkey, and is very agile on the steps.

Russell has a special bond with Hazel.  He really has a soft spot for her, and often tolerates her taking his toys or mom’s attention.  He is always looking out for her and will share his food with her.  When she was littler and snugglier, he would often ask to hold her.  He still does now, but she’s not quite as cooperative.

Sometimes she has time for mommy.

Everyone says you “just know” when your family is complete.  Hazel completed our family, I knew this while I was still pregnant with her.  Having that knowledge has allowed me to really cherish and revel in moments in Hazel’s life.  I remember holding her tight as I’d rock her to sleep at night, knowing that she was my last baby.  I often snuggle her close, just to soak in her remaining baby-ness.  Although those moments have been a  little bittersweet, I am glad to have the knowledge that she is my last and to be able to cherish that.

Such a big girl today.

As I look to Hazel’s future, I hope that she doesn’t feel like just another kid.  Sometimes I feel like she gets lost in the chaos of the family.  I know that she will get her special alone time soon enough, when Lucy goes off to school.   I wish for her to be a happy, independent, healthy girl who is successful in whatever she chooses to do in life.  Mostly, I just hope she grows up with a strong sense of right and wrong and follows her heart.


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  1. What happy children, I love the pics and I think Hazel seems to fit her name.

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