Fried Cabbage Noodles and Sausage Recipe

Finished product. Yum!

I looooooove this meal!  It’s a quick easy one too.  And an inexpensive one on top of that.  Now I have to admit, I wasn’t always a cabbage lover, but I have acquired the taste for it and now love it.  My brother is the one who introduced me to this recipe as fried cabbage and noodles.  And, I, of course, added the sausage to make it a complete meal.  You see, my brother loves to cook, and I think he must also love to do dishes.  He also doesn’t have any children, so doesn’t mind cooking multiple dishes for one meal.  Me, on the the other hand, not so much.  So, make it however you wish…but me, I’m gonna put the sausage in it!

While the water for the noodles heat up in another pot....begin frying the sausage. Can't you just smell it?

So, begin by boiling about 10 cups water in a pot or pan.  As the water heats, chop about 3/4 of a head of cabbage up.  Also, in a large skillet begin browning about 1 lb of sausage over medium heat.  The sausage can be in whatever form you prefer…loose ground sausage, rope sausage, or links.  I used smoked links and cut them into bite sized pieces.  Heck, this would probably even be good with bacon in it.

Add a stick of butter and the chopped up cabbage and cover while you are waiting for the noodles to cook.

Add a stick of butter (or less if you’re worried about it) to the sausage and throw the chopped cabbage in with the sausage and cover.  Stir occasionally.  Add 1/2 lb of egg noodles to water when it begins to boil.  Egg noodles, nothing else will do, in my opinion.  When the noodles are al dente, drain them and add to the skillet.

Keep mixture covered and continue to stir occasionally until the cabbage is cooked.  You’ll know its cooked when it loses its crunchiness and takes on a nice sweet flavor.  A lot like onions.  And you’re done.  Enjoy!

And here is the link to the printer-friendly, spark recipe version.

Customary unrealted picture of my son and his pony. 🙂


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  1. we love cooked cabbage and I have some in the frig. now, I just may try this for supper tonight. Last night it was home made veg. soup and I sent 3 older friends some for dinner so only a small amount of that left. have to cook something tonight and the cabbage sounds good.

  2. I did make this last evening for my hubby and he ate the last of it for his late night snack. I will be making this again and again. It was so good.

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