Two Princesses, A Dragon, and a Pink Sock Monkey

Princess, Sock Monkey, Fairy Princess, and Dragon

Yesterday was a really good day.  The kids woke up in a good mood, we made it to church in time, and they were very good through the whole service.  Russell and Lucy went to Sunday School afterwards without any qualms while Justin, Hazel, and I took a short Sunday drive.  After Sunday School, we went to visit Justin’s grandpa Harold in the nursing home, which was kind of sad, because the room had been rearranged to make room for a new roommate now that Bernadine is gone.

After our visit, we went out to eat at Pizza Ranch.  There are a few things about that place that amaze me…the place is always…always…busy.  And it’s called Pizza “Ranch” but serves pizza and chicken. Shouldn’t they serve beef? The kids ate very well and behaved for the most part.  We then gave Justin a ride home so he could work on harvest, and we headed out to my home town to go trick-or-treating with my mom and sister.

When you are a farm family, there are always sacrifices to make.  Justin could have came along trick-or-treating, but then we would have been one more day behind in harvest.  The farm can never just be put on hold, if one takes a break from it, it just means that much more work to be done when you get back.  The flip side of this is that the farm is pretty flexible.  If there is something really important going on, it is easy to shift the work around it.  It allows us to take date nights on weekdays when the restaurants aren’t so busy, and to make it to events that people with less flexible jobs can’t.  I know many other families make the same sort of compromises when it comes to family time vs. working.  For example, both my sister’s boyfriend and my dad were working yesterday too and weren’t able to go along.

The kids all slept on the 90 minute trip to my home town.  That was a nice break for me, to be able to drive in peace and hear myself think.  The weather was beautiful, slightly chilly, but calm winds and sun shiney.  We got to my mom’s house and the kids played with their cousin Brooklyn for awhile before putting on their costumes.  My dad’s girlfriend Deb, stopped by to say hi to the kids, give them a little treat, and take pictures of their costumes before we headed in to town.


The kids did a really good job trick-or-treating.  Russell and Lucy really got into it, watching for houses with their lights on and racing to the door.  They used their manners and said thank you and made sure to get candy for Brooklyn and Hazel who rode in the stroller.  We made our way through the neighborhoods to the library, where volunteers had set up a few games for the kids to play and served refreshments.

The girls.

We finished off the day by going back to my mom’s and enjoying some home made lasagna.  Dessert consisted of candy, of course.  The kids played a little longer.  Then we changed into pajamas and headed home.  Justin was in the house and helped my carry everyone up to bed.  We spent a little time catching up on each other’s day then went to bed ourselves.

It was so nice to go “back home” and see that some things never change.  Just like the towns we live near on the farm, the people are so friendly and caring.  You don’t have to worry about the kids too much, as everyone looks out for them.  They don’t just look out for the kids either, they will bend over backwards to give them opportunities to celebrate and grow.  Small town Iowa is absolutely the best place for my family, and I am so glad to be where I am.

I love Lucy's expression...she was really good at this one.

Russell playing one of the games at the library

Amazing how a little purple tutu was all it took to make such a cute costume.

Russell's costume took me the most time, especially hunting for a green sweat suit in his size!

My sister Becca made this pink sock monkey costume for her daughter Brooklyn.

Lucy throwing spiders at the web. This was a super cool, super easy game for the little kids.


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