A (not-so-shiney) New Combine

It was being test-drove by another farmer before we bought it, hence, the not-so-shininess of it.

We bought a new combine, and it was delivered to us yesterday.  Inside, we all felt like kids on Christmas morning.  I was the first one to arrive at the farm where the combine was coming.  Shortly after me came my brother-in-law Kevin, and we stood in the driveway talking about the days events, but it was pretty obvious from each of our glances down the road, that we were both pretty excited to see the new machine that would soon be coming over the hill.

Here it comes!!

First there was a cloud of dust, then a glimmer of red.  Yep, here it comes.  Loaded on a special extra-wide semi trailer.  We speculated…is it backwards on the trailer?  No, yes….no wait…. yes….nope, it’s facing forward.  The semi truck was being led by a service truck pulling the huge 12-row corn head behind it.  The trucks came to a stop, and parked.


The new combine is a Case 8120.  It is much bigger than our other two combines.  It has the capacity to harvest as much as the other two put together.  It barely fit on the trailer it was hauled in on; the tires hung over the sides.

The service truck led the way, pulling the 12 row corn head behind it.

Justin showed up as it was being unloaded, and everyone just sort of milled around, helping out where they could, as the trucker and service man went about their business.  After the combine was unloaded and the head hooked up, I left Kevin and Justin with the service man and rode with the trucker to help him load up one of the old combines and show him where it was on another farm about 3 miles away.  He was a very nice guy and we had a good conversation about his job (loading, hauling, and unloading combines), harvest in general, and switching brands of combines.

Ready to go!

Farm machinery is a lot like automobiles when it comes to brands.  Many farmers are brand-loyal.  Just like there are the big three when it comes to cars (Ford, Chrysler, and GM)  there are the big three of machinery (John Deere, Case-New Holland, and AGCO).  On our farm, not-so-much.  We just buy whatever will get the job done at the best value for our dollar.  We own and have owned several different brands of equipment on our farm.

Like little kids at Christmas!

The trucker and the service man were both very nice and helpful.  They unloaded the combine, and they helped us get it hooked up to the corn head and running.  The trucker joked about needing jumper cables to start it. Not really….can you imagine buying a brand new car and the salesman telling you it needs jumper cables to start?  But, he thought he was being funny. 🙂 He also ribbed us a little about our old combines being antiques…but it was all in good fun.  He really was a nice guy who knew his stuff when it came to loading, securing, and hauling combines.

Good bye old combine!

So, we bid our old combines good bye and went on with harvest.  The new combine runs well, and we got a lot done yesterday even with all the craziness of learning and running a new combine.  It will be fun to see how much corn we can bring in today.

And we're off!


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  1. Posted by Wayne Nieman on November 3, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Love it!

    • Wayne, the next time you’re up during harvest, you’ll have to take it for a drive. I just got my “lesson” on running it. It does everything for you! Controls the head height, steers to stay on the row….all you have to do is sit there and make sure it behaves. Amazing, the technology we have at our fingertips!

  2. Wow, Great blog! Thanks for being a great advocate for agriculture.

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