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Lucy is my middle child.  Although I don’t think she will ever act like it. Lucy is full of personality.  She is the instigator of much of the chaos in our house.  She is a beautiful little girl, and I am terrified of the day that she starts showing an interest in boys.  Lucy loves to sing and dance.  When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says, “A Princess.”  Oh my.

She's only about 2 weeks old in this picture, and Russell's already trying to teach her about farming.

Lucy is in love with my horse, Dolly.  Her and Russell have a pony, but she would much rather pet and sit on my draft horse.  I am fairly certain that she will be the reason for our first panicked trip to the emergency room (yet to happen, but I’m sure some day it will).  She will fall down, get back up, dust herself off, and keep on running.

1 Year old, at Easter.

She is fearless in many situations, yet very cautious in others.  When she is around someone she doesn’t know well, she instantly becomes the “shy kid.”  She hides behind me or Dad and barely whispers when talked to.   I find this hilarious, as she is nothing but shy once you get to know her.  She is also very respectful of livestock and machinery on the farm.

She's a farmin' princess.

Lucy is my independent child.  One of her favorite mantras is “I do it MY-SELF!”  When it comes to dressing, getting a glass of water, brushing teeth, going potty, washing hands, coloring…just about anything…she is more than willing to try to do it herself.  And she usually does do it herself with little to no help after only a few tries.

Baby Lucy experiencing a rare moment of sweetness from her brother.

She is also very happy to give out hugs, kisses, and snuggles.  Every night at bedtime, right after she is tucked in, she always asks, “Snuggle me?” in her tiny little voice.  It’s impossible to resist, so I will lay down next to her for a few seconds and give her a hug.  I hope she never stops doing this, because I know my heart will break when she does.

Brand new little girl, who I thought was going to be a boy!

When she came along, she rocked my, Justin, and Russell’s world.  There could not be two more opposite children than Russell and Lucy.  Lucy is bubbly, bouncy, and carefree.  Russell is an old soul, serious, and a neat freak.  Although they are so different, each is very good for the other and their personalities tend to bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in each other. Lucy is almost exactly two years younger than Russell.  This brought a few challenges for Russell, he was at a difficult age to adjust to a new baby in the house.

Just about ready to make her debut.

The whole time I was pregnant with Lucy, I was convinced that she was a boy.  Justin and I had vowed not to find out this time around.  Karma gave us several opportunities to find out, as Lucy had a minor birth defect (a duplication cyst on her intestines) that caused us to have several ultrasounds, but we managed to never find out that she was indeed a “she” until she was born.  Even though I was nervous about raising a young woman, the moment I saw her changed all of that, and now I am excited to have the opportunity!

First moments.

I had a bad bout with “the baby blues” after I had Lucy.  I have debated in my mind as to whether or not to post about this here, in Lucy’s post, as I don’t want to take away from my sweet little Lucy.  I think I will make it a separate post, because it is a very important subject to me, one that I feel must be acknowledged,  and not at all Lucy’s fault.


Lucy has an amazing personality, the world will never get her down much or for very long.  She delights in simple things and seems to have an inborn sense of what is truly important in life… things like giggles, hugs, and kisses.  She has always been an “easy” kid.  My best sleeper from day one, easy to transition from things like the crib and the sippy cup, and a cinch to potty train.  I sincerely hope she never loses this quality and that she deals with life as easily as she always has.

We stopped at the nursing home on our way home from the hospital, so Lucy could meet the lady she got her middle name from.

Playing in the sprinkler with pig tails in her hair.

About 10 months old, helping me clean out combines at the end of the season.

2 years old, taken this summer.


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  1. What a cutie Lucy is! She looks like you!

  2. Posted by ella kennedy on November 20, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    She is a cutie, makes me think of bubbles just looking at the pics.

  3. beautiful pictures!

    Lucy reminds me of my little guy…he is crazy around people he knows, but clams up whenever he’s in a new place, around a lot of people, or meeting someone new. We actually saw his daycare provider at Target last night and she was AMAZED at how shy he was there.

    And, everynight, after the 3rd book is done, he immediately says, “Snuggo me a widdle bit?” And like you, I can’t resist. 🙂

  4. She is so just oh so precious!

  5. Posted by DAN RICKELS on December 16, 2010 at 6:11 am

    kids are so precious! Lucy reminds me of my only grand-daughter, she helps me slow down & enjoy life one day at a time!

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