#foodthanks, part two (equally as important as the first)

If you haven’t read my first post about #foodthanks, this post isn’t going to make much sense. Read my first post here.

Notice something funny about it? No???  Here’s a hint.

I gave #farmerthanks…. not #foodthanks.

As Homer Simpson would say….DOH!

Even I am guilty of taking my food for granted.  It is so easy to do when the people who are providing it do such a good job.  I go to the grocery store, fill up my cart, and give nary a thought to all the people who worked so hard to get it from the farm to the shelf.

A full grocery cart...means a lot of people worked very hard behind the scenes to put that food there.

We farmers would be nowhere without all the other people out there working hard every day to get your food to your plate.  We’d still be farming with our pitchforks, and growing gardens just to sustain ourselves…you know, like people did back in the 1800’s?

There is a whole other world of agriculture out there that is probably taken even more for granted than the farmer is.  The people who take care of our farm’s products after they leave the farm and before they get in your tummy.

I am thankful for:

Grain processors that turn our corn and beans into a multitude of consumable products. From the person who samples the semi loads of corn we deliver to the scientists who develop innovative new products.  From the maintenance personnel at the local ethanol plant to the CEO’s in charge of multi-million dollar businesses. I wouldn’t have the first clue as to how to do any of these jobs, but I do know that I deeply appreciate their existence.

Meat processors, large and small, who turn our cattle and hogs in to safe, nutritious meals for the consumer.  Without them, I know I would probably starve before I could figure out how to properly handle and cut up one carcass (let alone several in one day).  Thank goodness for their expertise!

Food retailers.  From the grocery store checker to the restaurant owner.  From chefs to food pantries.  They take the food from the processors and place it into the consumer’s hands.  Thank you for doing such an awesome job of presenting the multitude of food choices we have here in America!  Again, we farmers would simply be gardeners without you!!

Food researchers.  Educators.  Nutritionists.  Skeptics. Advocates.  Regulators.   Promoters.  Veterinarians.  Agronomists.

Delivery truck drivers.  Seed companies.  Machinery manufacturers and retailers.  Feed companies.  Bankers.  Mechanics.  Insurance companies.  Office personnel.

I know I am missing people. I just know I am. There are too many to list.  To those I have not acknowledged, who have had a hand in getting my food to my plate….THANK YOU!!


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  1. I love both of your #farmerthanks It is important to #thankafarmer all year round. Not enough people know about the people (farmers) that raise their food.

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