Sticky Fingers on the Farm

The other morning I went out to the horse barn.  It has been cold enough that their automatic waterer froze over.  So, I needed to set up a big tank and sink a heater down to the bottom of it.  Oh the joys of winter on the farm.

Hey, um, it's cold, our waterer is frozen, and we're thirsty!!

I’ve been on the farm long enough to take inventory before beginning such a project.  Tank…check.  Heater…check.  Hose….frozen, but check. Extension cord…nope, swiped by someone who needed it for something more important.

Just in case you have no clue what I am talking about, this is the water tank with the heater in it.

This sort of thing happens to me all the time.  Especially to outside items, but household items are not exempt.  A well-meaning male member of the family will “borrow” an item with every intention of returning it, but on occasion, that doesn’t happen.

I give you a list:

1.) Shovels– I have lost so many shovels to other farming endeavors.  Even the kids’ little bitty shovels disappear.  Maybe a bin needed to be emptied, or a vehicle was stuck, or a pile of feed needed to be cleaned up.

2.) Hoses– I have tried several tactics to keep my garden watering or sprinkler hoses on the premises, but to no avail.  The guys do not care if a hose is hot pink or only 10 feet long…if they need it, it’s gone.

3.) Gas cans–  I once bought a gas can for the lawn mower and wrote all over it in permanent marker….THIS IS LIZS LAWNMOWER GAS CAN, YOU MAY BORROW IT, BUT IF ITS NOT HERE WHEN THE MOWER IS EMPTY ….WELL YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW!!  This strategy has worked pretty well for me.  I’m pretty sure I only had to track down a gas can once last summer.

4.) Tools–  Again, pink or flimsy tools do not discourage a thing.  When I first moved to Delhi I had a nice little toolbox full of tools.  I’m pretty sure all that’s left of that is a pair of needle nosed pliers.

5.) Bowls, pitchers, cups…anything that holds water — They fly out the door in winter full of hot water to unthaw various frozen mechanisms.  They also fall victim to meals brought out to the field, along with silverware.  I’m down to about 5 forks now.

6.) Storage containers– for planter parts, or cattle medication, or GPS equpiment.

7.) Coats, Hats, Gloves– Every single tractor and combine has a full outfit for an entire family stuffed behind the seat.  This happens when it’s cold in the morning and warms up through the day.

There’s the top 7 list of disappearing items on our farm.  Although just about anything can fall victim.  My mother-in-law recently lost a cute little step stool for a few weeks, which then mysteriously showed up in front of my garage one day.  We’re still not sure how or why it got there.

Now, to be fair, I have to admit that the borrowing can go both ways.  I’ve been known to steal a skid loader for household reasons (such as hauling a junk piece of furniture away), or borrow a trailer to haul furniture.  And there are multiple times I’ve used tools for this or that.  Not to mention the kazillion times I’ve used the air compressor to air up a low tire. Or stole a little fertilizer or round-up for the garden.

Also, the guys are pretty good (well, for guy standards) at returning their borrowed items, and they usually at least inform me of their theft.

So, the other morning when I discovered the missing extension cord, I didn’t freak out on anyone.  I simply drug my frozen hose in to the house to thaw and went to Theisen’s and bought another cord, along with a nice smelling candle for my troubles. 😉

Ah, the extension cord is strung, and the hose is hung to drain out the water and keep it from freezing again. The joys of winter!!


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  1. Posted by Tom B on December 16, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    And now we know why they sell nice smelling candles in farm stores!

  2. LOVE this post! And love Theisens!

    I bought myself a new set of pink tools last Christmas. And they’re. all. gone.

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