Homemade Febreeze

This is what Hazel thinks of saving money and smelling good!

Once you use this…you will never go back to paying for the real thing!

It is really really simple to make your own “odor eliminator.”  And trust me, around this livestock farm,  I tend to use a lot of it.

All you need.

2 Cups Water

1 Cup White Vinegar

1 Cup Liquid Fabric Softener

2 Tablespoons Baking Soda

Remember, baking soda and vinegar need a little time to get along.

Measure and pour water into spray bottle.  Measure vinegar and add baking soda.  When it is done fizzing, add to bottle.  Finally, measure and add fabric softener.  Top off bottle with water if necessary.  Spray just like you would spray febreze.

FYI/Disclaimer: Some paranoid people have concerns over the flammability of the fabric softener.  To that, I say, the couch you are spraying the softener on is quite flammable to begin with.  So, spray at your own (minuscule) risk.

I find this works just as well as store bought. I love the fact that I can pick a favorite “flavor” of fabric softener and turn it into a sprayable odor eliminator.  Try it out, I promise, you’ll thank me!


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  1. Posted by Ashley McLaughlin on December 18, 2010 at 1:10 am

    I’m mixing some up tonight! I use febreze all the time and its waaaay too expensive

  2. What an awesome idea. I know all about smells from around the farm.

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