Christmas Present Reviews

Well, Christmas 2010 is in the books.  The kids made out pretty well.  Here is some of their haul.

Hazel is sporting a cute outfit and riding on her fairy car.

This picture illustrates two gifts.  The car, and the outfit.  I love it when my children get clothes for Christmas.  Of course, they don’t really care, but they get plenty of toys to make up for it.

The little ride-on car seems to have magical toddler hypnotizing powers.  Even Russell and Lucy are drawn to it.  It has several buttons to push that cause the car to light up and sing.  Just yesterday my two nieces (who aren’t quite a year old) were mesmerized by it for a good 15 minutes.

This barn and fence were a huge hit with Russell

I love this barn! And so does Russell.  It is a big barn with a lot of different doors and openings for storing toy tractors and equipment.  The fence was a separate item, and it has to be one of the better farm toy inventions ever.  It folds out and can be stood up and shaped however.

My sister-in-law, Melissa, captured this picture at just the right moment. I love it!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It so embodies my son’s personality.  Only a farmer can get this excited about hauling manure. 🙂  (It is a toy manure spreader.)

"It's a pillow! It's a pet! It's a Pillow Pet!"

They are cute and soft and cuddly and the kids are in love with them.  So simple, yet they were the “gotta have” item this year.  I’m pretty sure Pillow Pets were this year’s Snuggies.  Whoever invented these things and the commercials that advertise them was a genius.

Hazel is in love with anything to do with baby dolls, especially this stroller.

Hazel plays with baby dolls like Russell plays with farm toys.  If she keeps it up, she is going to be one heck of a mommy when she grows up.  It is absolutely precious to watch her play with her babies and take such good care of them.

ALL the kids like Lucy's Barbie Sing Along CD Player

If you didn’t think I was crazy before, you will now.  I actually bought my daughter a noise making, annoying toy.  Why? Because one day I caught her singing into my cell phone charger.  She loves to pretend to sing and dance.  This CD player comes with two microphones that actually work.  It’s a pretty great toy, as long as you hide it for part of the day.  😉

Hazel loves the "big" red wagon that Santa brought!

And finally, Santa brought this suped up little red wagon.  I overloaded our old one this fall with leftover bolts while cleaning up the hoop barn for the open house, and it didn’t survive.  This one has beefy tires that take air, so it is a cushiony ride and will pull over rough terrain easily.  It can hold up to 300 lbs.  It’s a farm wagon that will last for sure!

Season's Greetings!

My kids were very blessed this Christmas with many gifts, these are just a few that they received.  We are so thankful for everything we received this Christmas, and even more thankful that we were able to be together with those we love over the holiday.


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  1. Sounds like a great Christmas all around.

    That face is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS – oh the joys of a manure spreader. haha! That photo should win a contest!

    I love that toy barn too…:)

    • Cheyenne- I know!! I’m thinking I need to send it in to the toy company that made it, maybe I’d be good for some free merchandise or something 🙂

  2. I love the toys, the are almost all learning items. My daughter always loved baby dolls and sometimes I would hear me when she scolded or corrected them. I think she was a little harsher with them then I was with her.

  3. good info !. thanks for sharing this inspiring blog.

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