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The old TV, dead and ready for burial, no second chances this time!!

The television situation in our house is quite laughable to many of our peers.  Both Justin and I are pretty frugal and refuse to pay for dish TV.  So, of course, there was no way we were going to buy a flat screen when our old TV/VCR combo still had some life in it.  And yes, we only have one TV in the house and have every intention of keeping it that way.

The old TV was Justin’s, one that he bought when he moved out on his own over 11 years ago.  It served us quite well up until about 3 years ago when the remote started losing function in some of its keys.  No problem.  We can deal with it.

Then Lucy put something in the VCR part and rendered it unusable. Oh well, this was about the time DVDs were all you could get anyway.  We just bought a cheapo $30 DVD player.

Then Lucy or Russell pushed the power button one too many times and broke it.  We solved that by plugging the TV in to a power strip and flipping it on and off.

We navigated the switch to digital by getting a converter box, almost “free” from the government. (What a waste, not to mention I totally have a conspiracy theory developed on that whole fiasco.)

Then the converter box started having issues and we contemplated getting a new TV.  So, I decided to give it a good ole farm wife whack one day and it has behaved ever since.  The amount of items I have “repaired” using this method is slightly concerning.

Our TV situation got so bad, I had to write up instructions for babysitters on how to use the TV.

So next the channel buttons on both the TV and the remote quit working. We almost considered the TV dead then, but after investigating the cost of a new one, we just couldn’t do it.  We could still change the channels using the converter box anyway…hehehe.

This is beginning to sound a little like the Red Green Show, isn’t it?

Then, finally, one morning a few days before Christmas, I tried to switch the TV on.  It would come to life just long enough to change 1 channel and then shut off.  I tried a few more times.  Nope.  Our good old TV was in its final throes of death.  I spared it the indignity of a slow painful death and unplugged it.

Thank goodness we decided to do no Christmas presents for adults across much of our family with the thought that we would just take what we normally spend on each other and get ourselves something.  Perfect opportunity.  It was like the TV knew that.

The new setup, still Amish, but advanced to the sect of Amish who allow generators and steel wheels.

I went to Wal Mart and pick out one of the cheaper TVs.  And boy is it nice.  We can even hook the laptop up to it and watch Netflix movies on it.  It picks up more Amish TV channels than the old TV did.

Let me explain something quick, “Amish TV” is the buzzword in these parts to describe the free channels that can be picked up with an antenna.  You know, since it’s so old fashioned to only have 5 channels to watch.

The laptop, attached to the TV, and the stereo....yeah for being "modern!"

So, although we have advanced somewhat in our TV watching sophistication, we are still pretty much cavemen when it comes to that, and darn proud of it too!!


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  1. Posted by Robert Campbell on January 13, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Good deal. I have not had any of these problems since, after a conversion moment back in 1977, I turned from atheist to Catholic, and spent so much time “catching up” with the church fathers (St Augustine etc), I lost track of my TV sometime after 1978. So, I have been free of it since then, and happy also with this complete minimum. I am still reading in all my spare time yet. No regrets.

    Bob Campbell

    • Good for you Robert!! We went without a TV for about 6 months a few years ago…..voluntarily. I sort of wish I had never gotten it back out.

  2. Love it! I’m a farm girl living in the city and I finally ditched my college days (25 years ago) TV and converter box for a new digital television – it’s smaller AND the remote works! When my friends ask what cable package I subscribe to, I tell them “Ant TV.” Then I explain that it stands for Antenna TV.

    I always say that I’m a car, light bulb and MacBook from being Amish.

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