A List of Excuses

Why I Haven’t Posted Lately

1.) Last week I was preparing my entire family to be away from home for a week. The kids with family and me and the hubby in Panama!

2.) Then I went to Panama for a week with my hubby, where internet connections were sketchy at best.

3.) While gone, everyone except my little Hazel, contracted some sort of illness. Lucy got bronchitis, Russell a nasty cold, and Justin and I, well, we drank the water in Panama (not doing THAT again.)

4.) I have a mountain of laundry piled up in the laundry room.

5.) I have a mountain of bills on the desk.

6.) The main household computer died, and I am in the process of shifting things from XP to 7. Woo hoo. Yeah.

7.) People just won’t stop commenting on my Factory Farmed post…and for some reason I have been compelled to reply to every one of them.

8.) There is a pile of pictures on my camera and I’m intimidated by them.

9.) I have a meeting to get ready for tonight and on Thursday.

10.) The fridge is empty, and for some reason will not fill itself.

11.) I don’t get paid to do this, so therefore, you my dear blog readers, are on the back burner until I can come up for air. Maybe if you all send me $5 I’ll move you on up the list. 🙂

Take care….and I promise I’ll “come back” here soon!!!


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  1. Panama! Fabulous. We’re headed to Cancun sometime in March, and I cannot wait. I’m enjoying the Great Iowa Melt now. How about you? I can see the fields again.

  2. Hey – just caught up on all 183 comments on the other post. (Okay, I didn’t read them all.) But I wanted to give you some support! Thanks for doing this for us (farmers!) You are awesome!

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