Traveling With Small Children

I do not recommend using your cell phone to entertain a child, but, desperate times call for desperate measures.


This is what happens when you give a one year old a chocolate chip cookie while riding in a carseat.


Can you hear me now?


Traveling with small children is every parent’s nightmare!  Serious torture!

Last month, my insane self began the process of getting ready to go to Des Moines for two nights with my husband and three small children.  The entire day before we left was dedicated to packing and preparing.  I’ve done this enough times, that I was able to keep the “stuff” limited to one big suitcase, the laptop case, a tote bag, the diaper bag, and the pack n’ play.  Which I consider a minor triumph over the early parenting days when I thought we needed to bring the entire house with us for one infant and it took multiple trips to load the car.

This Christmas I broke down and bought a portable DVD player for long road trips….what a life saver!  Best investment I’ve made in my sanity since my horse, Dolly.

I’ve also learned to plan long trips for naptimes.  All three kids konked out on the way home.  Such a sweet, simple victory!

We try to keep our bedtime routine as close to normal as possible when we aren’t at home, which results in fairly stable kids.  I also try not to get too worked up over the minor things while were gone, and consider it a good day if all the kids at least remained within my view 98% of the time, everything else is pretty much details.

My friend, Sarah, over at Farmer On A Mission, wrote an excellent post about traveling with her young children and farmer husband.  I highly recommend you pop over there and check it out if you are planning a trip.  She has some awesome advice, especially her SURPRISE BOX suggestion.

Here's a handy way to transport children once you arrive at the hotel. 😉

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