Look at what I did!

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile. Well the other night I participated in an online reunion of my AgChat 2.0 class, and became inspired to “get ‘er done.”  Not bragging or anything…but I was voted “most popular.”  First (and probably last) time in my life I’ll ever be considered popular 😛  I am honored, though, to hold the title.  There are many more remarkable people in my class, though, such as:

Nancy, who has a great blog about being The Wife of a Dairyman on her farm in California.  She also has some awesome recipe posts!  I envy her ability to post so regularly, with such well-written, interesting, and informative posts. 

And Brenda, who won the Most Improved award, also has a good blog about her dairy farm in Ohio.  Check it out here: The Dairy Mom.  She has some good myth vs. fact stuff there, and some really great family history.

Finally, there’s Jan, the Social Media Superhero.  And she wears that title well.  Jan is a wealth of level-headed knowledge.  She’s someone who I’d definitely want on my side!  Read about her Slow Money Farm here.

Anyway….moving on to my goal and what I accomplished :

It was so easy!!  I just used Microsoft Movie Maker…. a free download…. and my creativity. It looks like I spent a bunch of time on it….but in reality it took me a couple hours.  I’m afraid I may have found a new hobby in this!


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  1. Look out Hollywood! “And the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film Goes to…..Liz Nieman, from Iowa!”. You are awesome! LOVE IT!

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