Such a big girl (with a mouth full of fruit snacks)!

A couple weeks ago, Lucy and I got our hair cut.  Lucy’s first haircut ever.  My first haircut in over two years.  I didn’t want to cut Lucy’s hair any sooner because she had a beautiful natural baby curl at the end.  My hair is stick straight, I don’t even bother to try to make it do anything else anymore. I could just tell that Lucy was going to have the same stick straight hair, so I wanted her to have her little curls as long as possible.  But, they finally started giving way to gravity and fell out, leaving her with long, somewhat scraggly hair.  Not to mention, she had started the disgusting habit of putting her hair in her mouth.  It was time for a haircut.

Lucy's beautiful baby curls on the ends....sniffle sniffle.

Russell took this picture without my knowlege, I almost deleted it, then figured it is a good picture of how long my hair was pre-cut.

Me, on the other hand, well, I was just too busy to ever think to schedule a cut for myself.  In the meantime, my hair had gotten so long it was starting to get in the way.  I woke up one morning and it was wrapped around my neck.  Enough’s enough.  I called and made as an appointment.

Then I mentioned to Lucy that we would have fun getting our haircut together.  To which she responded, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DON’T WANT TO!”  in typcial moody three-year-old fashion.  Great.

So I dropped the subject and began wracking my brain on how to convince Lucy that a haircut wouldn’t be so bad.  Of course, I thought, “google it!”  Then I wound up on YouTube, and searched for “first haircuts.”  Voila!  The solution at the hands of the Internet.  Lucy sat on my lap and watched at least three little girls get their haircut.  She decided she’ like a haircut too.  Crisis averted.

The morning "before" our big appointment! Russell and Hazel wanted in on the picture.

So, a few days and a couple conversations later, we were at the local beauty parlor.  I went first, and I went sorta drastic.  A good 10 inches shorter, which I donated to Locks of Love.  Lucy watched and played with the toys that were there.  Then it was her turn.

My ponytail, ready to go to an individual who needs it more than I did.

Linda, our beautician, was wonderful with Lucy.  She had a special chair for her to sit in, and fruit snacks to eat.  She worked quickly, and Lucy sat very well.  Before we knew it, her scraggly ends were gone, and her hair looked great.  Linda even showed me a neat trick to keep Lucy’s hair out of her face without pulling it all back.

And our "after" picture!

Lucy and I are both glad to have our new haircuts!


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  1. The first haircut, how exciting! Our little girl was so good and still for the first haircut…but now, not so much. It sounds like you went to a real nice place that’s good with kids. That’s hard to find. Kudos!

  2. Enjoyed my visit here….cute hair cuts. Stop over and visit me. 🙂

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