Our Farm Family Honors Earth Day

Our livelihood as farmers, as well as future generations, depend on the care we give the planet.

“Every day is Earth Day for a farmer.”

Heard that before?  Yeah, I’ve heard it a million times.  It’s true, taking care of the earth is job#1 here on the farm.

Let me prove it by linking to a few articles I’ve written in the past:

Recycling on the Farm

Every Day is Earth Day

Manure…A Precious Commodity

And some common sense things we do in our family life:

Garage Saling, the Ultimate Recycling!

Cooking from Scratch and in Bulk to Avoid Eating Out

Buying Groceries Once Per Month in Bulk

We have been entrusted with the land, and we must ensure that it is well cared for.

Taking care of the planet isn’t something we should think about once per year, it should be a part of our daily lives.     


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  1. Happy Earth day and Happy Easter since I am a little late reading this!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

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