Friends Week “FARMnWIFE”

Judi at is “just” a farm wife on a mission to help fellow farmers become more comfortable with social media.

Even though she drives a Big Green Combine, I really like Judi and what she’s doing online.  And I’m not just saying that because she made me one of her featured farmers. 

I look up to her, because I see a lot of similarities between my family and hers.  I’m pretty sure if  I pushed the fast forward button on my life about 10 years, that my family would practically mirror hers.  Her kids are farm kids through and through…they even have their own blog!

This could totally be my kids in about 10 yrs. (Well, excpet I have two girls instead of two boys...but their ages are spaced very much like my childrens'.

Her site is just getting up and running, and I have sneaking suspicion that it will be big.  She features farmers from across the country to help inspire other farmers to increase their online presence.  I just really like her style.  She has a good blend of technical and personal articles.  Advice on how to take good farm photos, how to upload video, or why farmers should be online..just to name a few topics. 

So, go ahead and bookmark her site,  I know it’s one you’ll want to keep checking back in on. Oh yes, and if you’re a twitterer…her handle is @farmnwife (duh.)  🙂


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  1. Can’t wait to check her out – love finding new “farm” stuff to read! THANKS

  2. Thanks so much for the nice post. I like your style too. :o)

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