Vacation Bible School

My little pandas!

I am so far behind in posting this stuff!  But hey, better late than never, right?  Way back in June, the kids had vacation bible school at our church.  This year’s theme was “Pandamania: Where God is Wild About You.”  So we had Pandas all over the church.  Lucy got to participate for the first time this year, and she did all right.  Russell really got into it, learning all the songs and actions.  He’s really quite the performer!  I volunteered to be the director of “Chadder’s Movie Mania,”  and turned the altar and choir loft into a movie theatre.

We had about 40 kids in attendance, and about 30 adult helpers.  Good ratio, right?  The kids spent four mornings doing crafts, playing games, watching skits, and visiting the “movie theatre.”  Every day had a different theme based around a bible message.  The music was great, and it had a real knack for getting stuck in your head.  You know how sometimes kid songs can be annoying?  These were not!  I have the CD in the car, and the kids and I still listen to it often.

We have so many great and talented volunteers in our church that worked hard to pull this off.  Our congregation always seems to find a way to provide the program for free too.  The kids get to take home a bunch of crafts, a CD, and a t-shirt.  We even managed to raise over $200 in donations for the local food bank.   It’s just another thing that makes small town rural Iowa a great place to be!

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    Liz, I can’t find your email address. Are you going to the Iowa Women in Ag conference next week?

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