90 Years Young

Three of Harold's five children were able to make it to celebrate his big day.

Last week we celebrated Justin’s Grandpa Harold’s 90th  birthday.  What a milestone in life!  Harold has been a huge part in the success of our farming operation over the years.  He is who built it up so that the following generations of the family have had the opportunity to farm.  Harold took a lot of chances over the years and put in a lot of hard work to ensure that those chances were good ones, and he has a lot to be proud of.

We had a small gathering at the nursing home where Harold resides.  Delicious cake and punch were served courtesy of Aunt Annette and her girls, Michelle and Kelly.  One interesting thing in the family is that Harold is almost exactly 60 years older than Justin’s brother, Kevin, whose birthday is in August.  That also makes him almost exactly 60 years older than me.

So I asked Harold if he had any advice for me, about to turn 30.  He said he really doesn’t remember turning 30.  Well, that puts my worrying about it into perspective, huh?

Opening gifts.

Our gift to Harold was two framed aerial photos of the home farm, where Harold lived his entire life.  The first photo was taken in 1949, right around the time Harold married Bernadine and bought the farm.  The second photo was taken this year.  Harold changed the farm a lot through those years, and it was really neat to see the two pictures side-by-side.

Yes, Harold has a lot to celebrate.  A business that is being sustained yet today, and hopefully for many more years.  And more importantly, a big, happy, caring family.

Here is what the home farm looked like in 1949, when Harold was just getting started.

The home farm 20 years after Harold got started farming.

And today, so much progress has been made, so many opportunities, sparked by one man's hard work and determination.

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