Mud Season


I was listening to the radio today.  Its 60 degrees in March. In Iowa, that is noteworthy.  And its lovely.  To an extent.  Spring is my least favorite season after winter.  On the farm, spring should really be called MUD.

The radio deejay was going on and on about how beautiful it was outside and how much she loved spring.  My city dwelling facebook friends were gushing about sunny afternoon walks, chirping birds, and open windows. Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things.

While it seems that no one was noticing the down side of the thawing weather. I was.  I went shopping for extra tall rubbers to wear over my boots.  I darn near fell on my butt wearing said rubbers when slogging through a particularly thick patch of mud.  I pressed the four-wheel-drive button 3 times more than usual while feeding cattle, and my tractor’s windows are splattered with mud.  There is no point in washing my vehicle, as the gravel roads are a soupy mess just waiting to coat a freshly washed vehicle.

There’s another not-so-good side to spring, it’s effects on the livestock.  Rainy weather and wildly fluctuating temperatures are hard on animals who must endure them.  We do all we can to keep them comfortable.  We give them extra bedding and watch them closely for signs of illness.  We spend extra time keeping their pens as clean as possible.  But Mother Nature makes it an uphill battle this time of year.

So my prayer for the spring season goes something like this.  (Written in the form of an Irish prayer in honor of my heritage and St. Patrick’s Day.)

May the sun shine and the wind blow.

May the soil thaw and the puddles dry quickly.

May 4WD be a blessing in times of need.

May your rubbers be the only part of you that gets muddy.

May the snow leave gradually and not return until fall.


May your car’s windows stay clear and tires unstuck.



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  1. LIke your pictures and perspective. Amazing a few weeks ago, my son living in Minnesota was saying how dry it was for the winter. Best wishes.

  2. nice poem/blessing — we can relate!

  3. You hit the nail right on the head…our Ohio farm is a mud pit, too.

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