Ground Rules

I’m am still very “wet behind the ears” when it comes to managing this blog.  I love to share my story, but the technical details of that, well, they just aren’t top priority to me.  Recently, I have come to realize that I need a policy for interaction on this blog.  I will begin by saying, my experiences to date on here have been beneficial to me.  I have learned a lot about what makes my readers tick.  I absolutely love a good discussion where all interested parties (who may or may not agree) A.) Learn something and B.) Keep it respectful.  This is what I want to happen here.  Good discussion, good debate, and good bonds between individuals. 

So, in order to keep it that way….I present my ground rules:

Advertising – I reserve the right to advertise on here.  No one else.  The end.  Want me to promote something?  Message me privately, and I’ll think about it.

Comment Moderation – For the most part, I will allow any comment as long as it is:

A.) Relevant to the post topic 

 B.) Apropriate and Respectful (No inflammatory language or name calling)  I want my children to be able to view this blog, as well as my family, elementary classrooms, and my pastor.  If I think that any one of those people would find something distasteful, chances are your comment won’t make it through.  Disagreement is fine, disrespect, not so much.    

C.) Finally, there comes a point when a conversation starts going in circles and we may just have to agree to disagree.  Or wait and see what happens.  I try my very hardest to answer all comments to the greatest extent possible, but I am a mom of three small children with a husband and a farm to manage.   If post comments become too long or too great in number, I reserve the right to end the conversation.   

Copyright – If you want to share my blog content….please, do so.  With one small favor, please give me credit for it!  Oh, and I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing about it when you do so.     

Full Disclosure – I don’t get paid to do this.  This is my personal blog, with my personal thoughts.  It does not represent the views of any companies or organizations I may be affiliated with.  If I do happen to promote another company, individual, or organization’s policy, I will say so.  Otherwise, this is just me. 

Finally, I do want to hear from you!  Let me know what you want to know!  Visit the Suggestion page and submit a comment! 

I reserve the right to amend, append, or otherwise modify these policies.



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  1. […] on “factory farming” garnered hundreds of comments. Join in the convo, but be sure to read her ground rules. Nancy Grossi, a former cosmetologist turned farm mom, depicts her modern day “Little House on […]


  2. […] on “factory farming” garnered hundreds of comments. Join in the convo, but be sure to read her ground rules. Nancy Grossi, a former cosmetologist turned farm mom, depicts her modern day “Little House on […]


  3. Posted by Khawaja Faisal on June 16, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    We in Pakistan doing this practice to make silage from corn plant. However it also came in my knowledge that some sort of machines like harvesting is also make silage from cut to pack and giving it life for 3 years. and easily movable from one place to another. making a roll type packing of 1000 kg.


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