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Celebrating Ag Week

A picture from our county's ag luncheon last year. A couple hundred people always turn out to appreciate agriculture, a good meal, and an opportunity to socialize.

This week many businesses and organizations will recognize National Ag Week.  Around here, all the local papers will have special ad sections where businesses can salute agriculture.  The area chamber hosts an annual luncheon where conservation awards are given to farmers and a local “friend of ag” is designated.  The FFA students attend an ag career fair where booths from ag banks to veterinarians can be visited.

Russell already contributes to agriculture, as a consumer of food. In the future, chances are he will work in the ag industry and contribute even more!

I personally like to take this week to appreciate all the businesses that I work hand in hand with as a farmer.  Equipment manufacturers and dealers. Livestock nutritionists, feed dealers, and feed companies.  Fuel distributors, mechanics, welders.  Accountants, lawyers, banks.  Just to name a few.

Also, there are my customers… the local butcher, the large meat processor, the
farmers co-op that buys our grain, ethanol plants, and cereal and food manufacturers.

And the crazy thing is that all of this boils down to the consumer. So many individuals working together to ultimately sustain each other. And THAT is something worth recognizing!

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